If you have been convicted of a criminal crime, you may be eligible to seal your criminal records. A new law that was passed by the NY State Legislature in October 2017 allows individuals to request to have their records sealed.


Who is Eligible?


In order to be eligible, the individual must not have been convicted of another crime for a period of ten (10) years from the day the individual was sentenced or released from jail/prison (whichever is later); and the individual must only have two (2) convictions on their criminal record. If you have two convictions, you may still be eligible to seal your criminal records if the convictions were related to the same incident(s).


What Type of Convictions Are Eligible Offenses for Sealing Criminal Records?


In New York, all misdemeanor and some felony offenses are eligible. However, the new law only allows an individual to seal one (1) felony. Crimes that are not eligible include sex offenses, violent felonies, and serious felonies.


My Records Are Sealed. Now What?


After the application has been submitted with the NY State Courts, the criminal record of the individual’s prior crime or crimes cannot be viewed by anyone other than qualified state agencies, or state and local law enforcement. However, if you are applying to become a police officer, or applying for a gun permit, your criminal records will be viewed by the appropriate agencies.


How to Apply to Seal Your Criminal Records?


Our office has experience handling applications to seal your criminal records. The application process and relevant laws are complex. If you are interested in applying to seal your criminal records, contact our office and we can assist you.


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