The passing of this regulation is a major blow to Airbnb as some estimate over 50,000 people in NYC host on Airbnb. According to Airbnb, a host in NYC has about 60 renters a year and earns more than $6,300.00.

Councilwoman Carlina Rivera, a Democrat who sponsored the bill, said it would provide the city with the capability to impose laws that root out “bad actors” who own several units that could be used for affordable housing.

Liz DeBold Fusco, an Airbnb spokeswoman stated, “Now, New Yorkers will be subject to unchecked, aggressive harassment and privacy violations, rubber stamped by the City Council.” 

Previously, in 2016, Airbnb sued the City for attempting to enforce a state law that prohibited listing rentals for less than 30 days and imposing $7,500.00 fines. Following this lawsuit, Airbnb and the City settled the matter as the City agreed to not impose fines for listings.

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