Wrongful Death

As if losing a loved one weren’t distressing enough,losing that person due to someone else’s negligence, carelessness, wrongdoing,or reckless behavior can be doubly devastating. We can’t imaginethe grief you may already be feeling in the wake of this unexpected loss. Wrongful deaths can involve fatalautomobile accidents, work accidents, pedestrian accidents, premises liabilityaccidents, medical malpractice, and nursing home neglect or abuse to name afew. The wrongful death lawyers at Singh & Rani LLP will help youattain the rightful compensation you are owed in a trustworthy and highlyskilled manner that will assuage your fears about next steps. 

Who can bring about a wrongful death case and whatlosses do I need to demonstrate? 
According to the New York Estates,Powers, and Trusts Code, a wrongful death claim can be brought about by the personal representative of the victim’s estate or the statutory beneficiary.Additionally, family members can bring about a case such as spouses of the deceased, parents of the child, children of the parents (minors may require an adult guardian), and in some cases, close relatives or siblings.  A wrongful death claim in New York can include damages demonstrating loss of financial support, loss of emotional support, loss of quality of life, financial compensation for damages that workers’ compensation death benefits may not cover, costs of burial and funerary expenses, as well as the distress your loved one experienced before their passing. 

How do I establish fault in a wrongful death case? 
Our attorneys will conduct a thorough analysis of your case to establish fault so that you don’t have to do any additional physical or emotional labor. We will look at the coroner’s records, police reports, key eyewitness reports to reconstruct the accident to the best of our ability. We want you to focus on your healing as we do the bulk of the work. 

Can compensation be secured for a wrongful deathlawsuit? Wrongful death payouts are typically higher than other personal injury cases, as we would be dealing with the loss of someone’s life, as well as how that affects other family members. We will look at insurance policy maximums, which can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, without knowing the full details of your case, we cannot estimate an amount for financial settlements to assist you in your recovery period. With our free, no-risk consultation offer, we will gladly discuss any and all legal options available to you in order to win a successful verdict for your case.

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