Construction Accidents

Of all employment sectors, the construction industry is responsible for some of the most dangerous working conditions for its employees and bystanders. In a city like New York City, with its numerous skyscrapers and hefty infrastructure, it’s no surprise accidents are fairly common and unfortunately on the rise. Construction accidents are the result of injuries and/or damage sustained as a result of endeavors to build, improve, repair, clean, demolish, or generally construct that take place in a specific facility. They can range from property damage to personal injury on the job site due to certain equipment (forklifts, cranes), whether in a warehouse or on a construction site. 

What are common causes of construction accidents? 
According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), common causes of construction accidents include slips and falls, exposure to toxic chemicals(via spills or inhalation), truck and heavy equipment accidents, falling material such as debris, machinery defects and collapses (cranes, hoists, harnesses, scaffolding, ladders, buildings, forklifts, bulldozers), trench cave-ins, lifting injuries, dangerous working conditions, explosions, and non-compliance with OSHA regulations.  

What are some injuries resulting from construction accidents? 
A plethora of injuries can result from construction accidents, such as knee and back injuries, spinal cord and brain injuries resulting in cognitive damage, musculoskeletal injuries, electrocution, burns, amputations, vision and hearing loss, soft tissue injuries, debilitating paralysis, as well as emotional and psychological distress, not to mention fatalities. 

How can a construction accident lawyer help me understand my rights? 
While it’s widely acknowledged construction sites can host dangerous working conditions, the negligent parties involved in your accident should not be absolved of their responsibilities to provide a safe and secure working environment. Both workers as well as injured bystanders can file for compensation and recover medical expenses and lost earnings by filing a workers’ compensation claim, but the compensation might be limited and may not assign fault. Construction accidents are uniquely complicated in that they can involve many parties, such as insurance companies, developers, contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and manufacturers, owners, architects, engineers, and injured bystanders.  A construction accident attorney can ease any fears, anxieties, and confusion arising about your rights to compensation such as helping you understand your OSHA rights and any state or federal laws pertaining to your case. At Singh & Rani LLP, we believe you should seek the additional and maximum compensation that you deserve. Don’t hesitate to call us today for a free, no-risk consultation that can offer you the clarity and confidence you need to rest assured about your case as we do all the work.

What are some common causes and damages resulting from motorcycle accidents? 
Causes of motorcycle accidents include head-on collisions (with another vehicle, lamppost, street sign, curb), failure to yield or adhere to speed limits, driving under the influence, road defects, harsh weather conditions, and issues with the motorcycle itself (product liability and malfunction involving the brakes, accelerators, tires, fuel systems).  After an accident, motorcyclists can be left with injuries including skin abrasions(road rash), bone fractures, damaged limbs, and brain or spinal cord damage which can result in temporary or permanent paralysis or disability, if not death. Additionally, victims may experience emotional costs such as distress, mental anguish, PTSD, as well as face high financial costs from medical bills, physical therapy, and long-term rehabilitation.

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