Birth Injury

Every parent wants their newborn delivered in a safe environment in a thoughtful, nurturing manner. Unfortunately, rushed decisions and negligent actions can leave atraumatic imprint on the parent as well as the baby and all other family members present. While most birth injuries resolve themselves within a few days, a percentage of them are severe. Hospitals and insurance companies will try to fight you tooth and nail from paying out the rightful compensation you deserve in the case of birth injuries. This is where Singh & Rani LLP, determined advocates for the injured, fight for you or your loved one in the devastating case of a birth injury. 

What can cause a birth injury? 
Not all birth injuries are congenital and many are the result of medical malpractice, which can be obvious or insidious at times. Causes of birth injuries include a failure to properly monitor the fetus, negligent prenatal and postnatal care, improper use of delivery-assisting tools (forceps, vacuums), prolonging labor and delivery, staff miscommunication, failure to deliver a timely cesarean section or other emergency procedures.    

What damages can result from a birth injury?
Birth injuries and negligence can result in hypoxia and asphyxia (low oxygen levels), cerebral palsy, broken bones or fractures (due to improper use of tools), a brachial plexus injury or Erbäs Palsy (a baby’s shoulder gets stuck behind a mother’s pelvis during delivery), spinal cord injuries, damages to the nervous system, various lifelong disabilities, and not to mention stillbirth. The mother may also experience injuries such as preeclampsia, placental abruption, and gestational diabetes. Down the line, damages can include the high costs of physical therapy, special needs services (such as schooling), as well as emotional and psychological distress.  

How can a birth injury lawyer assist me? 
When it comes to birth injuries, hiring an attorney whose skill set and trustworthiness regarding the law as well as medical practice is crucial. A birth injury lawsuit must be filed two years and six months from when the injury occurred. The child may also file a lawsuit once they turn eighteen in certain cases. At Singh & Rani LLP, we know how daunting it might be to go about a birth injury alone. We believe that you have already worked hard enough to bring another life into this world, no additional labor should be required on your behalf. Let us fight for you to recover the monetary damages you deserve as we prove the negligence of the obstetrician, nurse, pharmacists, or other medical personnel involved in your case.

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